How to Make a LEGO Construction Worker Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Duct tape in light grey, black and white

  • Painter's tape in blue

  • 1/4 inch wide black tape

  • 3/4 inch masking tape

  • Large tuna can

  • Dessert plate

  • Round 12 inch diameter storage basket

  • 3 8x11 inch sheets of yellow craft foam

  • 3 18x24 inch sheets fluorescent orange paper

  • Black permanent pen

  • Ball point pen

  • Scissors

  • 24 inch ruler

  • Hot glue gun

  • White glue

  • Craft knife

  • Square box (14x14 inches cube for a 3 year old sized costume)

  • 2 yellow number 2 pencils

  • 2 cans of Pringles

  • Wax or Parchment Paper

You don't have to be a Master Builder to master this LEGO construction worker costume. It's instantaneously recognizable, easy to make, and comfortable to wear. You'll be singing "Everything is Awesome" the whole night through -- and mean it!



Step 1: Cut the Rim From the Basket

Shorten your plastic basket.

Take your 12 inch storage basket and cut off the rigid rim to create the head for your LEGO construction worker.


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Step 2: Remove the Slats

Tape the basket so it doesn't flare.

To create the face, remove 3 of the slats (or 3 inches, total, should your basket have tighter slats), from the base, creating an empty space. Tape the sides of the basket up top together so they don't flare out.


Step 3: Cover the Basket With Foam

Line the outside with yellow foam.

Cover the exterior of the basket in craft foam, leaving it so it hangs two inches over the top and below the bottom of the basket. Tape another piece overlapping so the whole basket is covered in diameter.


Step 4: Cut and Glue the Triangles

Cut the bottom of the sheet into tapered triangles. Hot glue the triangles to the base of the basket. This will prevent the foam from overlapping and getting lumpy.


Step 5: Trace and Draw a Circle

Using a plate as a template, cut an 8 inch circle out of the foam that is a little smaller than the bottom of the basket.



Step 6: Cover the Basket Bottom

Glue a circle on the top.

Hot glue the circle over the edges of the foam to cover the bottom of the basket. This will now be the top of the head.


Step 7: Trace and Cut the Foam

Using an empty tuna can as a template, trace a circle out of yellow foam. Cut it out. Cut two pieces of foam that measure long enough to cover the outside of the can.


Step 8: Glue the Foam Circles

Add can to top of head.

Hot glue the circular foam to the inside bottom of the can. Glue one strip to the outside of the can and one to the inside of the can.

Step 9: Make the Facial Features

Tape duct tape to parchment paper and cut out features for the face.


Step 10: Give Him a Face

Remove the parchment paper from the back of the duct tape and apply features to your LEGO face. Make sure the eyes line up with the removed slats and also fall where the person who will be wearing the costume's eyes are.

Step 11: Finish His Face

Use the craft knife to cut out little circles in the middle of the eyes. Use a permanent pen to color the yellow foam rim black.


Step 1: Cut off the Flaps

Using scissors, remove the top four flaps from the top of your box.

Step 2: Cut the Box in Half

Cut box in exactly half width-wise.


Step 3: Make a Rectangle

Make a rectangular box.

Tape the two halves together to make a rectangular 14 inch x 7 inch box with an open bottom. This size will fit a 3 to 4 year old. Adjust accordingly for a bigger body.

Step 4: Create the Head Hole

Make hole for the head.

Using a craft knife and a 7 inch circle template, cut a hole in the top center of the box. This will be where the head will come through.

Step 5: Make the Arm Holes

Make holes for the arms.

Use your roll of duct tape as a circle-template, make two circles where the arms will come through the box.

Step 6: Cut the Paper to Cover the Box Sides

Cut two pieces of paper to cover the front of each side of the box, flaring two inches on either side at the bottom. One should be long enough to wrap over the top of the box. The other should be long enough to overlap the top of the first sheet slightly.


Step 7: Glue the Paper to the Box

Glue paper to the box.

Apply thin ribbons of white glue to the paper on each side of the box. Stick paper to the box.

Step 8: Measure and Cut Orange Paper

Measure sides of the box and cut orange paper to cover each side. Cut holes out of paper with a craft knife.

Step 9: Design the LEGO Construction Worker's Vest

Using various types of tape, look at a LEGO and design a construction worker vest with pockets and a collar.

LEGO Hands

Step 1: Cut the Pringles Can

Cut 5 inches off the top of a Pringles can. Notch out an inch piece then cut it into two 2 1/2 inch x 8 1/2 inch pieces.

Step 2: Cut and Glue the Yellow Foam

Cover cardboard with foam.

Cut a piece of yellow foam big enough to double over each round 5 inches x 8 1/2 inches. Hot glue it to your cardboard, folding over one edge.

Step 3: Finish the Hand

Make handles for the hand.

Puncture the middle of the "hand" with your craft knife, insert a #2 pencil through the hole and hot glue a piece of foam to cover the eraser.


Step 1: Cut Some Cardboard and a Pringles Can

Cut two pieces of cardboard that measure the same width of the front of the "body" when they are next to each other and are the length of the costume wearer's actual legs. I used two of the flaps of the square box. Cut a Pringles container the width of one of them, and cut the container in half, taping each half to each side of the top of the "leg".

Step 2: Cut More Cardboard

Cut two more pieces of cardboard.

Cut two additional pieces of cardboard that are the same size as the front of the legs.

Step 3: Draw Some Semi-Circles

Trace semi-circles.

Use the top of your Pringles cans, trace 4 semi-circles.

Step 4: Cut out the Semi-Circles

Notch semi-circles.

Cut out the semi-circles leaving a 1/2 inch extra around the traced line and notching the extra space every 1/4 inch up to the line.

Step 5: Cover the Pringles Can

Cover sides of semi-circles.

Cover each side of the halved-Pringles cans with the half-circles. Wrap the notched edges around the sides and tape in place.

Step 6: Glue and Apply the Orange Paper

Cover leg with paper.

Add the second piece of cardboard adjacent to the first. Cover the bump and front of the leg with white glue and cover with florescent orange paper. Cover the side pieces of cardboard with orange paper.

Step 7: Decorate the Pants

Use your light grey tape to decorate the pants. The "pants" are to be duct taped to the bottom of the box from the inside after the "body" is put on.

Step 8: Go Trick-or-Treating

Your LEGO Construction Worker is ready!

Your LEGO Construction Worker is ready for a night of trick-or-treating!



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