How to Fix an Atrium Window

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Things You'll Need

  • White vinegar

  • Spray bottle

  • Soft cloth

  • Vacuum with hose attachment

  • Lubricating oil

  • Utility knife

  • Protective gloves

  • Hair dryer

  • Rubber mallet

  • Small wooden block

  • Clear nail polish

  • Masking tape

Atrium is a well-known window and patio door company that began operations in 1948. It specializes in either aluminum or vinyl windows. Although Atrium is generally respected for making long-lasting and durable window models, the windows still require maintenance to keep them looking and working as they should. Many window problems result from improper installation. If your Atrium window experiences problems, try repairing the issue yourself before calling a repairman to possibly save yourself time and money. If your repair attempt fails, call a professional.


Step 1

Spray the glass with a solution of half water and half white vinegar from a spray bottle to remove stains, dirt and discoloration from the glass. Strong cleaning solvents cause glass to look cloudy or blemished under certain circumstances, and white vinegar helps remove residues and restore the glass safely when used with a soft cloth.


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Step 2

Run a vacuum hose along the window track to remove obstructions that might be preventing the window from opening and closing smoothly. Wash out the track with a soft sponge and warm water and then dry it with a rag.

Step 3

Lubricate the window track with oil if the window gets stuck in the track from excessive friction. This is a common problem as the window ages.


Step 4

Run a razor blade or utility knife around the window frame between the sash and the window stop if the window is stuck and won't open. This is common after painting because dry paint acts as a glue that impedes a window's motion until a sharp object penetrates it. Wear protective gloves to prevent accidental cuts.


Step 5

Dry out the window with a hair dryer if the frame is swollen from excessive humidity. This is common during summer months with warmer weather. Lightly tap the window's channel guides outward with a rubber mallet and a small wood block to open the channel so moisture escapes more efficiently.


Step 6

Fill tiny holes or defects in the glass with clear nail polish. Add extra coats once the initial application dries until the repair is even with the glass. This often hides the defect and prevents it from spreading, saving you the cost of window replacement.

Step 7

Apply masking tape on both sides of a deeper crack to help prevent the crack from spreading. This protects the window against breaking until you can replace the glass.


Leaking Atrium windows are often not the fault of the window but rather the flashing around it. Remove the window, repair any water damage to the frame and flash the opening before reinstalling the window itself.

Atrium offers warranties for most of its models. Fill out the contact form on Atrium's website to inquire about warranty status for your window if it is found to be defective.


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