How to Roast a Boneless Turkey Breast in a NuWave Oven

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Things You'll Need

  • 8- to 10-pound turkey breast

  • Nonfat butter spray or olive oil

  • Garlic salt

  • Worcestershire sauce

  • Rosemary and thyme or oregano and garlic salt mixture

  • Meat thermometer

Brining calls for meat to be completely submerged in liquid.
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Whether you're a novice cook or an accomplished pro, a NuWave oven brings an exciting dimension to cooking. The oven offers "triple power cooking," or the benefit of conduction heating, just like conventional ovens; convection, which circulates hot air; and infrared heating, which penetrates food and cooks it from the outside and inside at the same time. This may sound like a lot of cooking power for a turkey breast, but the mouth-watering finished product is rivaled only by the compelling cooking show provided by the NuWave's see-through dome. Call it dinner theater and call it a memorable feast you will want to bookmark among your favorite recipes.


Step 1

Brine the turkey breast overnight in a solution of water, several dashes of garlic salt and several dashes of Worcestershire sauce. Brining virtually guarantees a juicy, succulent turkey breast.


Step 2

Put the base of the NuWave oven on a stable surface.

Step 3

Place the liner pan inside the base, placing the handles in the drop-down position.

Step 4

Put the cooking rack on the liner pan.

Step 5

Place the turkey breast on the cooking rack.


Step 6

Your NuWave oven will not heat up your kitchen like a conventional oven.
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Spray the turkey breast with nonfat butter or cover with a layer of olive oil.


Step 7

Season the turkey breast with a rosemary and thyme rub or an oregano and garlic salt rub. Make a 50-50 herb mixture of either combination.

Step 8

Position the dome over the turkey breast, securing it to the base of the NuWave oven.


Step 9

Place the power head into the rim of the dome and lock it into place by rotating the power head clockwise until the locking lugs are engaged.

Step 10

Set the cooking level to "10." Press "Start" and roast for 45 minutes. This is about half the total roasting time.


Step 11

Turn the turkey breast over so that it roasts evenly on the other side. Spray with the nonfat butter or cover with olive oil and add your desired herb rub to the breast.

Step 12

Set the oven to "10" for another 45 minutes.


Step 13

You can roast a whole turkey in your NuWave oven, too.
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Insert an oven thermometer in the breast to ensure that it reaches 180 degrees. If so, turn off the oven and let the breast sit for 10 minutes before carving. If not, return the breast to the NuWave oven and roast for another 10 minutes.


Cut up 1 ½ pounds of red potatoes and ring the base of the turkey breast for the last 45 minutes of roasting time. Or cut up some fresh green beans and add them for the last 20 minutes.

NuWave recommends flipping larger items such as turkeys, chickens and roasts about halfway through the roast time to ensure that they cook and brown more evenly. On smaller items, flipping is a matter of personal preference.

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