How to Build a Driveway Drag

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Gravel driveways develop ruts and rough portions over time when left unmaintained.
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A driveway drag is a simple yard implement designed to grade gravel driveways that have become bumpy due to extended use and heavy rains. Though a drag can be almost any wide, heavy object pulled behind a truck or tractor, one of the most effective types of homemade driveway drag is made out of a metal bed-spring. The numerous springs stir up the gravel as they pass over it and spread the driveway smooth in your wake.


Step 1

Lay an old mattress frame bed-spring on your driveway.

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Step 2

Set a cinder block on each corner of the frame and tie it securely in place with rope. Add a few extra blocks near one side of the frame to give the leading edge more weight.


Step 3

Loosely tie a rope or chain to the more heavily-weighted side of the frame, creating a large loop.

Step 4

Hook this loop over the hitch on the back of your truck or garden tractor and pull it down your driveway to use the drag.


Step 5

Drive slowly up the lane. Avoid reversing, which can cause the box spring to buckle under. You will need to have someone prop up the box spring while you reverse. Then, you can drag the box spring up the driveway again until the lane is smooth.


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