How to Install a Florestone Shower Pan

Things You'll Need

  • Mortar

  • Trowel

  • Mild liquid soap

Florestone shower pans don't require traditional drain installation. The shower pans come with the drain molded into them, and the company also provides a self-sealing part. Florestone pans connect to the pipe and seal in the space between the pan and the plumbing pipe. The seal requires no additional tools; even caulking is unnecessary. The Florestone company claims that the pan won't leak because it seals tightly without any extra sealants or special installation.

Step 1

Put the shower pan on the sub-floor between the shower walls. Ensure that there is adequate space for the pan to sit. Florestone pans come in different sizes to fit your application. A drainage pipe must be installed before you can install the pan.

Step 2

Set a level on top of the pan to ensure that it sits level. If it is not level, combine a mortar mix with water, based on the mortar directions provided with the mortar product. Spread the mortar with a trowel evenly on the shower's sub-floor to level it. Allow the mortar to dry overnight. Put the pan on the sub-floor.

Step 3

Fill a sink with warm water and a few drops of a mild liquid soap. Dip the Wedge-Lok seal in the soapy water to lubricate it. The Wedge-Lok seal is part of Florestone's alternative to a drain. It seals the area between the pipe and the pan.

Step 4

Hold the seal by its sides and insert it into the drain. Slip the seal around the drain tube.

Step 5

Check if the water supply is connected to the pipe leading to the shower pan. If it's connected turn on a faucet or pour water into the pan to verify the pan doesn't leak.