How to Hang a Chandelier From a Sloped Ceiling

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Things You'll Need

  • Scale

  • Tape measure

  • Pen and paper

  • Painter's tape

  • Ceiling junction box (J-box)

  • Drywall saw

  • Mounting bars

  • Ladder

Chandelier placement is always important, especially on sloped ceilings.
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A chandelier is a beautiful addition to any room, but it can be a heavy, long piece that may be difficult to hang from a sloped ceiling. Chandeliers need plenty of support to stay in place, and they must be carefully placed so people and items beneath them remain clear of the light. Safety must be the main consideration, whether the chandelier is being hung from a sloped or flat ceiling.


Step 1

Weigh the chandelier or look among the fixture's paperwork to find the weight information, and write down this amount with pen and paper.

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Step 2

Measure the length of the chandelier and write this down as well.


Step 3

Locate the spot where you want to hang your chandelier and measure the amount of space you have from ceiling to floor. Subtract the length of the chandelier from the first measurement to ensure there will be plenty of clearance between the light and floor for people to walk around; 6 feet of room or more is ideal.


Step 4

Mark the spot on the ceiling where the chandelier will be installed with blue painter's tape.

Step 5

Measure the ceiling junction box, or J-box, you will use for the project. If you are installing the chandelier in place of an existing fixture, a J-box will be present. J-boxes contain all the wiring connections you need to run electricity to the chandelier, and they are designed in different models that support a finite amount of weight. You know the weight of your chandelier, so make sure you have an appropriate J-box.


Step 6

Cut a hole in the ceiling based upon the size of the J-box using a drywall saw.

Step 7

Insert mounting bars through the hole. Mounting bars are expandable, so they are self-supporting inside the hole.


Step 8

Turn off the electricity to the fixture at the breaker box. Connect the electrical wires in the ceiling to the J-box and secure the box to the mounting bars. If you are unfamiliar with wiring light fixtures, hire a professional electrician.

Step 9

Mount the chandelier to the J-box and mounting bars. The bars will have screw holes to facilitate mounting. Your chandelier may also have hardware to assist with mounting.


Do not attempt to manipulate electrical wires if you do not have experience with this type of work.


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