How to Troubleshoot Champion Precharged Water Pressure Tanks

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Champion precharged water system tanks are made by the Amtrol Company and are designed to prevent the mixing of air and water that enter the tank. The water system tank works by turning on the pump when the water system pressure drops below a minimum setting and fills the tank with usable water. Once the pressure inside the chamber reaches the maximum setting, the pump stops and the tank remains filled. Troubleshooting the Champion tank should only be done by an individual who's familiar with working with pressurized settings and equipment.


Step 1

Turn on the Champion water system tank until the tank pump automatically shuts off.

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Step 2

Open one of the drain fixtures to empty the well tank.

Step 3

Turn the pump cut-in setting clockwise slightly if there is a pause between the moment the tank is empty and the moment the pump starts to operate.

Step 4

Close the drain fixture and allow the tank to fill until the pump automatically shuts off, monitoring the time the tank takes to fill.

Step 5

Open the drain fixture again and wait to see if there is a pause between the moment when the tank is empty and the moment when the pump starts back up. Adjust the pressure switch clockwise slightly again if there is a pause. Repeat until there is no pause between the time when the tank empties and when the pump turns on.


Contact Amtrol for any additional service needs.


Do not attempt to adjust the pressure if there is evidence of corrosion on the water tank, if there is a lapse in time between the initial time settings and the current pump cycle time or if you are not confident in your ability to adjust the pressure. Contact Amtrol for assistance.

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