How to Change the Chime on a GE Wireless Door Chime

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The GE wireless doorbell has several different chimes available other than the standard "ding-dong." Changing the chime on a GE wireless door chime generally is the same on all of the company's wireless doorbells. There is a line of terminal switches in the push button known as a channel. The channel uses a small black jumper to complete a circuit. Changing the door chime requires removal of the push button to access the jumpers.


Step 1

Push the tab on the bottom of the GE push button inward with a small flat-head screwdriver. Pull the bottom half of the push button away from the mounting plate while holding the tab with the screwdriver. Pull the push button completely away from the mounting plate.

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Step 2

Pull the battery out of the back of the push button. Locate the jumper that is on either the seven, eight or nine channel on the row of channels below the battery holder.

Step 3

Grab the jumper with your fingers and pull it out. Place the jumper in one of the other channels to change the door chime. Push the push button back over the mounting plate until it snaps into the locked position.


Do not move any other jumpers other than the ones that are in the last three digits of the channels. Some GE chimes have two sets of channels, one for the security and one for the chime. Most have a single channel with the first six channels designated for the security code.

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