How to Get Vacuum Scuff Marks Off White Trim

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Things You'll Need

  • Kneaded rubber eraser

  • Soft cleaning cloth

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Multipurpose water-displacement spray (such as WD-40)

  • Painter's tape

A vacuum cleaner can leave behind scuff marks on your white wall trim.

A vacuum cleaner keeps the floor looking clean, but the bumpers that protect the walls can also leave scuff marks on the trim or molding. Often the bumpers are made from black rubber, and the marks are very noticeable on white trim. The method you use to remove the scuff marks depends upon the type of trim installed. Clean plastic trim with a liquid or gel cleaner commonly used for sinks and tubs. You must use caution to clean painted wood trim to avoid removing the paint.


Step 1

Rub the scuff mark with a kneaded rubber eraser. Use as little pressure as possible to avoid removing the paint. Knead the eraser as it becomes dirty. Keep rubbing the mark until it disappears. If the eraser does not work, try rubbing alcohol.

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Step 2

Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a soft cloth. Gently rub the mark and check the cloth. If the cloth turns dark, then the rubbing alcohol is working. Continue cleaning the scuff mark with the cloth until the spot is clean.


Step 3

Use a water-displacement spray, such as WD-40, to remove stubborn scuff marks from white trim. Moisten the area with the spray and wipe gently with a clean cloth. Avoid using excessive pressure so the paint is not removed from the trim.

Step 4

Apply painter's tape around the edges of the vacuum bumper to avoid new scuff marks.


Determine which cleaning method works best by cleaning a part of the trim that is out of sight or will not be noticed.


Scrubbing a painted surface with a scouring pad or brush can remove the paint from the trim. Use a soft cloth and watch for any signs that the paint is coming off the trim, such as the cloth changing color.



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