How to Eat a Mango Without Cutting It

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper towels

  • Fork

Mango is juice and delicious.

While the mango fruit is commonly sliced with a sharp knife before serving, it is possible to eat a mango without cutting it at all. Many children around the globe squeeze and roll ripe mangoes between their fingers while the skin is still intact. They then rip the tip off the mango, and suck the pulp and juice straight from the top of the fruit. A special mango fork also exists, which allows you to hold, peel and eat a mango without a knife. Be aware that this fruit has sinewy meat that can easily get stuck in your teeth if you do not take very small bites.


Step 1

Hold mango so that the slightly smaller tip of the fruit is upright. Wrap two paper towels around the bottom third of the fruit, leaving the top two-thirds exposed.

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Step 2

Dig your fingernails into the skin of the fruit, just above the paper towel line. If you do not have nails, use a fork to puncture the mango skin. Tear the skin away from the fruit by pulling upward, toward the tip. Work in a clockwise motion, tearing one section of skin at a time away from the fruit.


Step 3

Leave the skin covered by paper towels intact. Take very small bites of your mango, starting at the tip and working your way down toward the paper towel.

Step 4

When you have eaten down to skin still intact, remove paper towel and wrap it around the large, exposed mango seed. Tear skin away from the remaining mango meat. Continue to eat.


Use dental floss after eating a mango, to get stray sinews out of your teeth.


Mango is an extremely juicy fruit and if you do not use enough paper towel, you are likely to get juice all over yourself and the floor.


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