How to Make Joseph & Mary Costumes With Sheets

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 white twin top sheet

  • 1 blue pillowcase

  • 1 earth tone twin top sheet, such as brown or tan

  • 1 white pillowcase

  • Fabric scissors

  • 2 - 24-inch lengths of soft rope

  • 2 large safety pins

Nativity plays are a Christmas holiday staple. Though the cast can vary from wise men to innkeeper to shepherds, Joseph and Mary are are two main characters central to every Nativity play. Costumes for Joseph and Mary need not be difficult -- in fact, simple household sheets and other easily found materials are perfect and cost-effective. These costumes can be reused from year-to-year and can be used for dress up or other holiday presentations throughout the year.


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Step 1

Fold each sheet in half. Cut a hole in the center of each folded edge of sheet, about 18 inches across. Discard the cut piece of sheet.

Step 2

Dress Mary in the white sheet and Joseph in the brown sheet. Lower the holes in the sheets over the actress' and actor's heads, allowing the length of the sheet to drape around their bodies.


Step 3

Tie one piece of rope each around person's waist. Loosely secure the rope with a square knot.

Step 4

Wrap the open edge of each pillow case around the characters' foreheads, allowing the rest of the pillowcase to fall down their backs. Take the right and left side of the pillow case's open portions and wrap them around the heads until the open end is tightly secure. Pin a part of the right side of the pillowcase and a left side of the pillowcase together with the safety pins so the pillowcase remains secure.


Other Nativity characters can be dressed in a similar fashion, using different colors of sheets. The Baby Jesus can be swaddled in a white pillowcase.