How to Make Your Vinyl Floors Shiny With Apple Cider Vinegar

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Things You'll Need

  • Broom or dust mop

  • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

  • 1 tbsp. liquid dish soap

  • 1 tbsp. mineral oil

  • 1 gallon warm water

  • Plastic buckets

  • Mop

  • Soft towel

Create an inexpensive polish that makes your floors gleam.

Vinyl, or linoleum, floors are inexpensive, durable and easy to install. After years of dirty shoes, wear and tear and harsh detergents, however, the flooring's original shine begins to fade. Restore the shine to your vinyl floors with apple cider vinegar, a natural product distilled from fermented apples. Apple cider vinegar, along with other key ingredients, restores the shine to your vinyl flooring and leaves behind a more pleasant odor than traditional white vinegar.


Step 1

Remove any loose dirt, dust and debris from the vinyl flooring with a broom or dust mop. Avoid using a vacuum to clean the flooring as the beater bar and plastic wheels can cause scratching and pitting.

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Step 2

Create a mixture of one-half cup apple cider vinegar, one tbsp. liquid dish soap, one tbsp. mineral oil and one gallon warm water in a plastic bucket. Stir the ingredients until they are thoroughly mixed.


Step 3

Dampen a mop with the mixture and clean the linoleum floor. Continue to clean the floor, rewetting the mop when necessary, until it is completely clean.

Step 4

Rinse the mop under a cool tap and fill a separate plastic bucket with plain, lukewarm water. Dampen the mop with the plain water and use it to rinse the vinyl flooring.

Step 5

Dry the flooring immediately with a soft towel to remove the remaining soapy residue and prevent watermarks and streaking.


Substitute white vinegar for apple cider vinegar to disinfect the floor as well.



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