Instructions for Cleaning an Aker Jacuzzi Tub

Things You'll Need

  • Lint-free microfiber cloths

  • Sponge -- optional

  • Mild dishwashing detergent

  • Household bleach

  • Mister MAAX cleaner

  • Low-suds dishwasher detergent -- optional

Aker acrylic whirlpool tubs come in various shapes and sizes and include four, six, eight, 10 or 12 whirlpool jets, depending on the model. As with normal bathroom tubs, the surfaces of an Aker whirlpool tub will accumulate soap scum, hair, skin, dirt and other debris and can become a habitat for mold and other microorganism growth. To maintain the tub, you will need to wash and sanitize tub surfaces, the jets and system pipes on a regular basis.

Step 1

Wash the Aker whirlpool tub surfaces, including trim, with a lint-free microfiber cloth or sponge, and mild liquid dishwashing detergent weekly. Rinse the tub thoroughly with hot water and then wipe the surfaces completely dry.

Step 2

Sanitize the system every month. Fill your Aker tub with enough hot water -- 104 degrees F -- that the top of the water rests two inches above the jets. Pour 1 cup of household bleach into the water and turn on the whirlpool.

Step 3

Wait 10 to 20 minutes, or one complete timed cycle if you have a Bodywrap system, then turn off the whirlpool and empty the water from the tub. Rinse the tub, refill it above the jets with cold water and turn on the whirlpool again. Wait 10 to 20 minutes, then empty the tub, rinse all surfaces thoroughly with hot water and wipe the surfaces dry.

Step 4

Clean the pipes at least once every 90 days by repeating the process to sanitize the whirlpool, but with Mister MAAX cleanser or dishwashing detergent instead of a bleaching agent. Add between 2 tablespoons and a 1-cup of Mister MAAX cleanser or dishwashing detergent to the water -- depending on the size of your tub and the water hardness -- turn on the system and wait. Rinse the tub, refill it with cold water, turn on the system, wait, and then rinse and dry all surfaces.


If you find dull spots or light etching on the tub, polish the areas -- excluding the floor -- with water-based automotive compound polish and then follow it with an automotive paste wax.


According to MAAX Corporate, you must keep the air controls off while cleaning the tub. Never clean your Aker tub trim with abrasive or acidic cleaners. Always dry surfaces after you’ve used your tub to slow microorganism growth and prevent mineral accumulation.