Instructions for Cleaning an Aker Jacuzzi Tub

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You can clean your jacuzzi tub.
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An Aker jetted tub, Aker Swirlbath, or any other brand of jetted bathtub is a wonderful luxury to have in the home. With that luxury comes a little extra work to keep the system running properly and to make sure the Aker Jacuzzi tub stays clean and hygienic. Along with the regular surface cleaning required for any type of bathtub, approximately once a month, you need to clean the jets and internal pipes of an Aker Jacuzzi tub. Fortunately, this is quite straightforward and only requires readily available cleaning products. Plus, the reward is knowing those heavenly massaging jets are sparkling clean inside and out.


Cleaning an Aker Jetted Tub’s Whirlpool System

Aker, the manufacturer of the Swirlbath and other models of jetted tubs, recommends cleaning the internal whirlpool system monthly. You might adjust this time frame if you use your Aker tub more or less often than a typical owner. Appropriate cleaning solutions for this process include powdered dishwasher detergent, household bleach, white vinegar and cleaning products specifically designed for jetted tub cleaning. Do not use any foaming products. Before you start, turn off the air controls for your Aker jetted tub; this forces water to circulate only through the tub's internal plumbing, resulting in a deeper clean.


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Fill the tub with hot water up to 2 inches above the jets and add your chosen cleaning solution to the water. If you're using a special jetted tub cleaner, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Alternatively, add 1 tablespoon to 1/4 cup of powdered dishwasher detergent plus 1/2 cup of bleach or 2 cups of white vinegar. Turn on the whirlpool system and let it run for 20 minutes, during which time you might see visible dirt coming out of the jets. Drain the water, fill the tub with cold water up to 2 inches above the jets, run the whirlpool system for another 20 minutes and drain the Aker jetted tub once more.


Surface-Cleaning a Jetted Tub

After cleaning your jetted tub's whirlpool system, clean its surfaces inside and out in the same way you would clean a regular bathtub. Aker states that you can use any nonabrasive cleaner, such as an all-purpose spray or cream-based surface cleaner along with a cloth, sponge or nonabrasive scrubber. Apply the cleaner to the surfaces of the tub following the manufacturer's instructions; scrub the surfaces all over with your cloth, sponge or scrubber; and pay extra attention to any visible dirt or water marks. Rinse off the cleaning product with cold water.


Clean the Jets and Faucets

Finish a thorough cleaning by tackling the jets and faucets. Use white vinegar, household bleach or the same nonabrasive cleaning product you used for surface-cleaning the tub. Get into the nooks and crannies with an old toothbrush and if necessary, use a strip of dental floss to remove any trapped debris. Unscrew the air-intake cover, scrub the cover and valve area, rinse with cold water and replace the cover.


Jetted Tub Cleaning Tips

Aker recommends that you wipe down a jetted tub with a soft cloth or squeegee after every use. Doing so reduces the buildup of bath products, mineral deposits and natural body oils that dirty the tub.


Avoid oil-based or foaming bath products, such as bubble bath, bath salts and bath bombs, which can clog the whirlpool system of an Aker Swirlbath or other model of jetted tub. Check the label before using a new bath product.

You can clean and polish an Aker tub with regular car wax to restore its shine and buff out fine scratches, according to the manufacturer. For safety reasons, do not wax the bottom of the tub, as this will make it slippery.



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