How to Turn a Surfboard Into a Table

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Things You'll Need

  • Surfboard

  • Set of 4 table legs, 12" to 18" high with accompanying hardware

  • Pen

  • Drill

  • Wall anchors

  • Screwdriver

A surfboard can be made into a coffee table.

Once a surfboard is no longer usable, it can be turned into a piece of decorative furniture. As an object, it is visually interesting and would make a one-of-a-kind conversation piece if fashioned into a table. Many surfboards are beautifully colored and detailed and have a sleek design that would add a funky surf style to your home decor.


Step 1

Place the surfboard upside down on your work surface or right-side up if you want the bottom of the surfboard to be the top of the table.

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Step 2

Plan the location of the table legs on the board. They should be placed in the center area on the flattest portion of the board; avoid any area that curves. Generally, the legs should be 18 inches or so apart, depending on the length of your surfboard.


Step 3

Mark with a pen the areas where the screws will attach the legs to the board. If the table legs came with mounting plates, set a plate on the board and draw circles on the board through the plate's preexisting screw holes. If the table legs are screw-in styles, mark a circle on the board around this screw. Mark the screw holes for each leg. Set the legs aside.


Step 4

Drill the pilot holes where you positioned the pen marks in Step 3.

Step 5

Push a wall anchor through each of the holes.

Step 6

Set the mounting plate for a table leg over one set of the drilled holes. Slot a table leg in position in the center of the plate. Insert the screws through the plate's screw holes into the anchors; tighten them with a screwdriver. If the leg is a screw-on style, insert the leg's screw into the anchor and turn the leg until it is tight against the surfboard.

Step 7

Flip the surfboard over and place it in a suitable location.


A boogie board or wake board can be used to make a smaller table.


Use wall anchors that match the screw thread size for the table legs.


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