How to Make Underwater Balloon Decor

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Things You'll Need

  • 4-inch white latex balloons

  • Fishing line

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Mylar sea animal balloons

  • String

  • Latex balloons

  • Sand

  • Styrofoam, 1/2 circle

  • 6-inch latex balloons

  • Plastic balloon clips

  • Plastic balloon sticks

  • Floral wire

  • Blue satin fabric

Use white balloons to create a wall full of underwater bubbles.

Decorating a party or an event in an underwater theme transforms an ordinary room into an intriguing, ocean-like atmosphere. Use balloons to simulate everything from bubbles in the water to dazzling sea creatures. Balloons can hang from the ceiling, float from the floor and decorate the center of each table. Capture your guests' imaginations with balloon sea creatures that seemingly drift about on an underwater current.


Step 1

Blow up and tie off dozens of 4-inch white latex balloons. Cut a strand of invisible fishing line long enough to hang from the ceiling to the floor. Add 6 inches. Tie the knot of each small white balloon to the fishing line every 6 inches from the top of the line to the bottom. Hang the fishing line filled with balloons from the ceiling with tape.


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Step 2

Place sea creature mylar balloons, such as sea horses, tropical fish and octopuses, near the wall of bubbles. Fill the balloons with helium, tie fishing line to the balloon's tab and secure the string with a sand-filled latex balloon on the floor. Alternatively, fill the mylar balloons with air from a bike pump. Tie the balloon closed. Tape fishing line to the top of the balloon. Hang the sea creature balloons from the ceiling.


Step 3

Blow up 6-inch latex balloons in coral colors such as, yellow, coral, turquoise and magenta. Secure each balloon with a plastic clip purchased from a party supply store. Attach a 6-inch plastic stick, purchased from a party supply store, to each clip. Create a balloon centerpiece for a table by turning a Styrofoam half-circle upside down. Poke 12 balloons with sticks into the Styrofoam.


Step 4

Cut colorful fish from construction paper. Tape each fish to floral wire. Poke the wire into the Syrofoam half-circle to simulate fish swimming in the balloon coral reef.

Step 5

Cut a large circle of blue satin fabric.Make a slit from the edge of the fabric circle to just past center. Drape the fabric over and around the Styrofoam circle. Bunch the fabric close to the Styrofoam, creating the illusion of water ripples.


For a photo shoot, hang blue bulletin board paper behind the strings of white balloon bubbles. Have subjects pose in front of the strings of bubbles, surrounded by floating balloon sea creatures.


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