How to Keep Bugs out of Your Front Door

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Things You'll Need

  • Broom

  • Gloves

  • Trash can

  • Window screening

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Sticky fly traps

  • Electronic bug zapper

  • Fly swatter

Fly swatters are effective for keeping bugs away from your front door.

Few things ruin a pleasant afternoon relaxing at home like the angry buzzing of invading insects. Bugs often sneak in through open doors as they look for a quick meal and become trapped inside once the door is closed. Killing invading swarms is necessary to restore peace and quiet to your home, although keeping bugs outside where they belong is much simpler than playing exterminator after they sneak in.


Step 1

Sweep up dead plants and lawn clippings near your front door. Bugs are attracted to decaying plant material and will invade your porch in search of food. Dispose of yard waste in a trash can to keep bugs at bay.

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Step 2

Replace any torn screen panels on your screen door. Bugs can squeeze through even the smallest spaces, so cover even tiny tears with new screen. Add a bead of glue around the hole and press a new piece of screen over the gap, holding it firmly against the screen until the glue sets.


Step 3

Hang sticky fly traps outside your front door. Place the traps along the exterior door frame, replacing them once they become laden with dead bugs.

Step 4

Plug an electronic bug zapper in near the door, and hang it over the top of the entryway. These powerful bug killers produce a small electrical charge that kills bugs on contact. Sweep dead bugs off the porch daily to prevent other insects from being attracted to them.


Step 5

Smack offending bugs with a fly swatter. Stand outside the door and wait until a bug lands on a solid surface near the door. Swing the fly swatter down quickly to kill the bug. Wipe off dead bugs to prevent stains around the front door.


Bugs are typically active in the early evening, so keep doors and windows closed during this time to keep bugs at bay.



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