How to Fumigate for Chiggers

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Things You'll Need

  • Insect foggers

  • Large tarps

Chiggers tend to bite around the feet and ankles.

Chiggers present a problem that all homeowners want to avoid. A chigger is a very small pest that can cause very big problems, as its bite can make your skin extremely itchy and irritated. If you believe there are chiggers in your home, home insect foggers give you the option to fumigate yourself. You must exercise extreme caution when using these products. Note that chiggers rarely choose to live indoors, but house plants can provide refuge for a small population.


Step 1

Space out the foggers you're using. The label will tell you the radius each fogger will cover. Do not overlap these areas.

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Step 2

Cover areas of your home that you do not want exposed to the insecticide with large tarps. This includes areas like counters, tables, beddings and toys.

Step 3

Remove all items used for food prep or serving, including animal dishes. No people or pets can be in the house while fumigating.

Step 4

Start at the back of your house and release each fogger one at a time, working your way toward the door.


Step 5

Stay away from your home for as long as the manufacturer recommends, which is usually overnight. Children and pets should stay away longer to be safe.


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