How to Remove Mink Oil From Boots

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Get unwanted mink oil out of your leather boots.
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Mink oil for boots is a tremendous tool. It makes your leather or suede material more durable and water-resistant. Applying mink oil when you first purchase your shoes and then periodically afterward can help prolong their life and keep them looking new. However, mink oil on suede can make it significantly darker. Also, if you apply too much, you need to know how to remove it.


How To Remove Mink Oil From Boots

The first thing to do is blot the boots to remove excess mink oil. The quicker you do this, the better, as you want to give the oil as little time as possible to absorb. Use a clean, dry cloth to gently blot as much as you can but be careful not to rub it. Rubbing will cause the mink oil to deeper penetrate the boots and will make the oil harder to remove.

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Next, sprinkle baby powder (also called talcum powder) or baking soda on the boots until it completely covers the affected area. Leave it to sit for at least eight hours or overnight, which gives the powder time to absorb the oil completely. Due to concerns about cancer-causing compounds in baby powder, you should not apply it to your body.


Using a leather or suede brush, brush off the powder thoroughly. It should take the mink oil with it. If it does not, you can repeat the process. Spray the boots thoroughly with hair spray, though not enough to saturate them. Leave it on for 30 seconds and then wipe it away with another clean cloth. The oil should now be removed entirely, and the leather should have an even, lighter color.


Remove Mink Oil From Boots Using Dish Soap

You can also remove mink oil from boots with dish soap (many experts recommend Dawn dish soap specifically). Add a few drops of dish soap to lukewarm water in the sink or a basin until it yields a soapy mixture. Saturate a brass-bristle brush in the soapy water and gently scrub the surface of the boots. Don't apply enough pressure to damage the outside of the shoes.


Let the boots dry entirely. If you let them sit overnight, that's usually long enough. Inspect the boots, looking for any remaining stains. Use a suede eraser to softly rub them out. It may take some patience.

When and How to Use Mink Oil for Boots

Sometimes, it's appropriate to use mink oil on your boots. After all, it works wonders for conditioning and waterproofing your footwear. It's excellent on untreated leather and if you don't mind your leather darkening a bit after it dries.


To use it, wipe your boots to remove excess dirt and heat them using a hair dryer. You'll also need to heat the mink oil; otherwise, it will be too thick to apply a thin layer.

Using a clean cloth, gently apply a small amount of mink oil to the boots, rubbing in a circular motion. Go slowly, taking care not to apply too much or skip any spots. Start in one corner and work your way out.


Use Suede Conditioner Spray Instead

If you're worried about using mink oil as suede conditioner, you can use other substances instead. You can purchase suede conditioner spray online or in person at a shoe store. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper application.



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