How to Make Silk Flower Arrangements With Clear Acrylic

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Things You'll Need

  • Floral resin setting kit

  • Disposable bowl

  • Craft stick

  • Clear vase

  • Silk flowers and greenery

  • Wire cutters

  • Clear floral tape

  • Colored marbles (optional)

Make your silk flowers look more real by adding illusion water.

Make your silk flower arrangements look more real by adding clear acrylic in the vase to look like water. Often known as illusion water, the acrylic resin begins as a liquid and sets to a solid in 36 hours. This will permanently affix your flowers inside the vase, so don't plan to make changes after the acrylic dries and use a vase specifically for this arrangement; you cannot remove the acrylic later.


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Step 1

Mix the floral resin setting kit in the disposable bowl using the craft stick. Follow the manufacturer's instructions, which typically require you to add an included catalyst to the acrylic resin. The resin will become a thick liquid.

Step 2

Pour the resin into your vase, filling it 2/3 full. Add colored marbles, if desired.

Step 3

Tape a grid over the vase opening using your clear floral tape. This will hold your silk flowers in place while the resin hardens.


Step 4

Insert a base of silk greenery around the vase opening. Add your silk flowers in the design of your choice. If you're using a bubble-shaped bowl, make a low, slightly rounded arrangement. If you're using a tall vase, make the tallest part of your flower arrangement at least as tall as the vase. For example, if you're using a 12-inch vase, the tallest flower in the arrangement should stand 12 inches above the vase.

Step 5

Add more acrylic resin carefully if desired to raise the water level. Lift the greenery on one side gently and pour underneath the greenery to keep the resin from touching a flower bloom.

Step 6

Allow the resin to dry and harden for 36 hours.