How to Fix Linoleum Edges That Are Curling Up

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Things You'll Need

  • Blower hair dryer

  • Kitchen rolling pin

  • Flooring adhesive

  • Weights

Linoleum or vinyl flooring is commonly glued to the subfloor. If this glue fails, the edges of the linoleum can curl up and away from the floor. If the rest of the flooring is in good shape repairing the curl may extend the overall useful life of the linoleum. The process of forcing the linoleum flat and gluing it in place requires some special equipment but falls within the ability of most do-it-yourselfers.


Step 1

Clean any dirt or dust from under the curled linoleum. Any foreign materials below the linoleum will prevent the glue from adhering.

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Step 2

Heat the curled linoleum with a blower type hair dryer. This helps soften the linoleum so it can be bent into a flat position without cracking. Monitor the linoleum while applying heat to avoid blistering or discoloring if the flooring becomes too hot.


Step 3

Push the linoleum flat using a roller, such as a kitchen rolling pin. Once you know the linoleum is pliable enough to lay flat, gently lift it and apply flooring adhesive to the entire area of the loose linoleum.

Step 4

Roll the linoleum flat again pressing the flooring into the adhesive. Wipe up any adhesive that squeezes out from under the linoleum.


Step 5

Place a weight on top of the flooring. Any type of weight that includes enough material to hold the linoleum securely against the adhesive and floor will work.

Step 6

Allow the adhesive to dry overnight before removing the weights.


Make the repairs to curled linoleum as soon as possible after it occurs. Breaks to the linoleum can occur while the flooring is curled. If the curling occurs along the wall you can use the wall baseboard to hold the flooring in place. Use the hair dryer to soften the linoleum and roll it flat. Add an addition piece of baseboard, such as a quarter-round, to hold the linoleum in place. Nail the quarter-round in place using 2-inch long finish nails.


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