Loosening A Doorknob

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Standard screwdriver

Loosen a too-tight doorknob to make it work properly.

A too-tight doorknob can be just as frustrating to use as a too-loose one. An overly tight doorknob will not properly operate the mechanism that moves the striker so it can connect with the striker plate. This may cause the door to not shut properly, or it may make it hard to open. You can loosen a doorknob so it works properly by following a straightforward procedure that requires little time and effort.


Step 1

Determine if the doorknob has a setscrew that secures the knob to a threaded post or if has a collar secured with a screw on either side of the knob.

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Step 2

Remove the setscrew using the proper type of screwdriver and set aside. If the knob has a screw on either side of it, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove them and pull out the knob from the mechanism inside the door. Set the screws aside.


Step 3

Turn the knob counterclockwise one full turn for one that uses a setscrew and a threaded rod. Reinsert the setscrew and test the knob to ensure it is loose enough to work properly. For the other type of doorknob, hold the collar around the knob securely with one hand while you turn the knob counterclockwise one full turn with the other hand. Reinstall the doorknob and test to ensure it works properly.


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