How to Make Table Centerpieces Out of Old 45 Records

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Old 45 records may not get played as much as they used to, but you can give these iconic pieces of vinyl a second life and transform them into table centerpieces. In some cases, this means putting them in the oven, which requires oven mitts or heat-resistant gloves to protect your hands from heat. Never use 45s you might want to play, pass on or sell in the future.


Softened Vinyl

After eight to 10 minutes in a 200 degree Fahrenheit oven, a 45 record goes from hard as a rock to soft, pliable vinyl. To make a record bowl, heat the record on top of an upturned oven-safe bowl on a foil-lined cookie sheet. Once softened, use protective mitts or gloves to finish shaping the bowl. Put the vinyl bowls in the center of each table and fill them with tiny disco balls and glitter or confetti. Or fill the bowl full of fresh flowers, leaving out the water. To cut shapes out of records, heat the 45s on a foil-lined cookie sheet, then use scissors to cut the records into butterflies, stars, hearts or other shapes. String together the shapes with shimmery ribbons to make a garland that may be placed around a vase of flowers in the center of your table. Or cut records into squares and glue the sides together to form a box with an open top as a vase or votive holder.


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Faux Flowers

Turn old 45 records into faux flowers for a quirky, vintage bouquet. Use a flower "stem" made of metal or sturdy plastic, and hot glue the stem to the edge of the record. Partially fill a large vase with confetti or glitter and put the faux flowers in the vase. To add pops of color to your bouquet, spray paint the records before gluing on the stems.


Record Stands and Towers

Hot glue an upturned martini glass to an old 45 record to make a centerpiece stand. Place the martini glass on the table with the record glued to the top, then decorate the top of the record with items such as flowers or wacky action figures. Create a multi-tiered centerpiece by hot gluing another martini glass and another record on top of the first one -- keep going if you want three tiers -- then decorate each tier. Space decorations evenly around the record to keep it balanced. Place heavier decorations on the bottom to anchor the stand and prevent it from tipping over, and place light items such as flowers near the top.


Table Numbers

Use a single 45 record as a table number for each table. Paint or glue the table number in the center of a record, then prop up the record against a flower vase. To hang the table number from the vase itself, attach a ribbon to the record with hot glue, then hot glue the other side of the ribbon to the lip of the vase. For a more eye-popping accent, cover the record in glitter glue or spray paint it a shade that matches the color scheme of your event.



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