How to Sew a Dog Mannequin

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Things You'll Need

  • Standard chalk

  • Scissors

  • 2, 12-by-12-inch vinyl sheets

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • 1 bag of cotton

Use your pet dog as inspiration for your mannequin.

Making a dog mannequin is a creative way to express your passion for pets. Using cotton stuffing and vinyl covering provides for a soft and smooth dog mannequin. The trick to ensuring a successful model is to employ a stitch pattern that is both tough and durable. A cross stitch pattern, for example, doubles the strength of a standard half stitch. Once completed, display the mannequin in your home for family, friends or fellow dog enthusiasts to enjoy. Or you can give one as a gift.


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Step 1

Place a 12-by-12-inch sheet of vinyl onto a work surface with the dull side facing up. Draw the facade of your dog onto the vinyl with standard chalk. Cut out the facade with a pair of scissors.

Step 2

Lay a second 12-by-12-inch sheet of vinyl onto the work surface with the dull side facing up. Place the dog facade atop the second sheet of vinyl. Trace the facade. Remove the facade and cut along the trace lines on the second sheet. You now have two vinyl facades.


Step 3

Lay one facade atop the other so the dull sides of the vinyl are facing inward.

Step 4

Using the needle and thread, sew the upper back of the mannequin together. Sew one straight row of stitches along the edge of the back.


Step 5

Reverse the stitch back over the existing stitches. The stitch pattern should resemble one long row of "X" shapes. Cut and tie the string to complete the stitch. Continue the cross stitch pattern around the perimeter of the body. To maintain a pocket opening, avoid sewing shut the underside of the mannequin.

Step 6

Stuff cotton into the pocket until the mannequin is full. Sew the pocket closed with a cross stitch pattern.