How to Hang Blinds on Plaster Walls

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Things You'll Need

  • Mounting brackets

  • Drill

  • Toggle bolts

In older homes, walls are often made from plaster, a harder material than the standard modern drywall. When you have large windows in a home with plaster walls, installing blinds gives you added privacy and blocks the light from coming in. Installing blinds into plaster is similar to installing them in drywall. The main difference is in the anchors used to attach the blind mounting hardware to the wall.


Step 1

Hold up the blinds against the plaster wall at the height you desire and make a pencil mark along the bottom horizontal edge at each end. This is to mark where the brackets will go.

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Step 2

Hold the mounting bracket for one side of the blind so the bottom is lined up with the pencil mark. Make a pencil mark through any screw holes to mark the location for the anchors. Repeat for the other bracket.


Step 3

Drill a hole at the location of each screw hole marking. Test the toggle bolt by holding it up to the hole and sticking the tip inside. Widen the hole if necessary by slipping a small screwdriver inside.

Step 4

Place a toggle bolt into each screw hole on the blind mounting hardware. Line up the mounting hardware with the drill holes in the wall. Push the toggle bolts into the wall until they snap open. Tighten each bolt with a screwdriver.

Step 5

Slip the blinds into the mounting hardware based on the specific blind manufacturer instructions to complete the installation process.


If you don’t own a drill, create the holes for the toggle bolt by hammering a nail into the plaster, wiggling it around to expand and pulling it out.



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