How to Refinish Aluminum Oxide Flooring

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Things You'll Need

  • Quarter

  • Mineral oil

  • Soft cloth

  • Broom

  • Dustpan

  • Aluminum oxide cleaner

  • Floor buffer

  • Bucket

  • Terrycloth mop

Aluminum oxide floors are traditional hardwood floors with a coating or sealant of aluminum oxide on top. Before stripping the floors with regular wood paint or stain stripper, learn about the differences between the types of flooring. Stripping and refinishing the floors, as you would regular hardwood, is dangerous because it strips the finish off the wood and leaves the floors unprotected from foot traffic and stains. Refinishing aluminum oxide floors involves cleaning them and using specialty products.


Step 1

Rub the edge of a quarter against the top of the floor, looking for any signs of residue on the floors. Dip a soft cloth into mineral oil and wipe it against the floor as another test for residue. You must completely strip the wood, sand down the top and apply stain if a large amount of residue appears on the floor.


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Step 2

Sweep the floors with a broom, capturing any dust, hair or other debris in a dustpan. Run the broom behind any appliances or counters, in the corners and along any crevices in the room where debris might hide. Clean the flooring of as much debris as possible.

Step 3

Coat the floors with a thin layer of aluminum oxide cleaner. Buff the floors gently with a floor buffer that moves at 175 RPM. Depending on the type of cleaner used, it may come with preparation pads that you use with the floor buffer.


Step 4

Pour a small amount of aluminum oxide floor cleaner in a bucket. Soak a terrycloth mop in the cleaner and wring out the mop head, removing as much of the cleaner as possible. Rub the mop over the flooring then buff it with the floor buffer.

Step 5

Wait for the floor cleaner to dry. Reapply the cleaner to the mop, wring out the excess and wipe down the floors again. Buff the floors with the floor buffer. Follow up with a protective spray, if there is one, supplied with the cleaner.


Examine the floors as you apply the cleaner and buff the surface. If you notice any signs of the flooring coming loose or other problems, stop cleaning immediately. These problems indicate that the aluminum oxide is peeling away from the wood floors and you need to strip and refinish the floors.



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