Can You Paint a Dry Erase Board?

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Dry erase boards can be painted for a new look.

Don't throw out your worn or chipped dry erase boards. With a little time and a few supplies, your dry erase board can function like new again.



Purchase dry erase paint. This can be found at many retail or paint supply specialty stores. You should also pick up a paint brush and sand paper. Purchase both 120-grit sandpaper and 220-grit sandpaper.


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Sand your dry erase board first with the 120-grit sandpaper, then with the 220-grit sandpaper. Once you finish sanding, the dry erase board should be stripped of the glossy surface. Clean the board free of the sanded material with a cloth and water.



Let the board dry completely. Paint the clean board with the dry erase paint. Most of these paints are nearly odorless, so painting can be done inside or outdoors. Let the paint dry completely, which should take about two days. The dry erase paint can also be used on walls in your home if you wish to have a larger dry erase area.



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