How to Care for Potted Mums Indoors

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When you purchase a potted mum (Chrysanthemum), you want to enjoy the plant for as long as you can. Although most mums usually bloom in the fall, they have been trained to flower throughout the entire year. Yours likely will begin blooming shortly if it wasn't in bloom when you bought it. By giving a potted mum proper care, you can keep the beautiful plant in your home for two to four weeks before having to discard it.


Step 1

Give the plant plenty of sunlight each day. A window that does not receive direct sunlight gives the plant enough bright light during the day to grow and prevents the plant's leaves from burning and flowers from fading.

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Step 2

Place the plant in a darker area of the house at night until the buds begin to bloom. Artificial lighting can disrupt the plant's growth cycle and cause it not to bloom.

Step 3

Keep the plant in 70 to 75 degree temperatures during the day and 60 to 65 degrees during the night. Avoid extreme temperature changes to avoid putting the plant in shock.

Step 4

Water the mum every day or two. Potted mums tend to use more water than garden mums and the soil will dry quickly. Give the soil enough water to keep it moist but not soggy.

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