How to Repair Bleach Stains on a Silestone Countertop

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Things You'll Need

  • Warm water

  • Microfiber cloths

  • Multi-purpose furniture spray

Silestone is durable but is susceptible to damage from harsh chemicals.

Silestone is a composite of quartz, plastic resins and pigment. The material is manufactured as one of the most durable countertop materials available, requiring little maintenance and rebuffing most stains and scratches. Undiluted, chlorine bleach on the silestone may remove the glossy surface sheen and appear as dull stains. If the damage is not too severe, you can restore the luster with a multi-purpose furniture spray.


Step 1

Dip a cloth into the water and buff the stained area of the silestone until all residual traces of bleach are removed.

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Step 2

Buff the area with a dry cloth until the countertop is completely dry. Allow the surface to air dry for an hour so any remaining moisture will evaporate.

Step 3

Spray a small amount of multi-purpose furniture spray onto another clean, dry microfiber cloth. Buff the stained areas of the silestone with the cloth. Allow the spray to dry completely.

Step 4

Reapply additional multi-purpose furniture spray after the first coat has dried. Allow to dry completely.


If the bleach stains are severe, a professional will need to resurface the countertop or replace the damaged section of silestone. Refer to the silestone manufacturer for a listing of authorized silestone repairmen.

Do not use dish detergent, ammonia or other cleaning chemicals to wash off residual bleach from the silestone. When combined, these chemicals produce a toxic gas that can cause severe respiratory problems.

Don't apply the furniture spray to non-stained areas of the silestone surface, or the overall sheen of the countertop will appear uneven, with too much sheen on the undamaged areas and too little sheen on the stained areas.


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