How to Make a Woolen Sweater

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Things You'll Need

  • Crochet hook, size K-10

  • 3 balls worsted weight 100 percent wool yarn in preferred color

  • Crochet hook, size I-9

  • Sewing pins

The wool sweater provides the perfect outerwear on a crisp autumn day.

The wool sweater is quintessential late autumn and winter attire. While there are various styles and designs of the wool sweater, the crochet sweater is perhaps the most popular variation due to its durability and warmth. Using a thick wool yarn, the pullover wool sweater follows a relatively simple pattern that uses only basic crochet stitches. The following pattern produces a charming gift that will serve as a long-lasting addition to any seasonal wardrobe.


Step 1

Chain 57 on to the larger hook to start the back of the sweater. Double crochet in the fourth chain from the hook and continue to double crochet 55 stitches. Chain three and turn the crochet piece. Continue to double crochet until the back measures roughly 25 inches from the beginning. Fasten off.

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Step 2

Work a chain of 57 stitches on the larger hook to start the front. Follow the exact same stitch pattern for the front as for the back. Work in double crochet stitches until the front is three rows less than the back.

Step 3

Double crochet over the first 19 stitches on the front to start shaping the shoulders and neck. Skip the next 19 stitches and attach another ball of yarn. Double crochet across the remaining 19 stitches. Work both shoulders at the same time. Decrease one stitch at each neck edge on the next row. Double crochet over the next 18 stitches in the next row and fasten off.


Step 4

Chain 25 to start the right sleeve. Single crochet the second chain from the hook and continue to single crochet 24 stitches. Skip the first single crochet and double crochet in the next two stitches and turn. Increase one stitch at both ends of every other row until there are 50 stitches. Work the pattern until the sleeve measures 18 inches, and fasten off. Repeat the process to construct the left sleeve.


Step 5

Attach the yarn at the right wrist edge and chain three on the smaller hook to create the wrist. Work 23 more double crochet across the beginning chain edge. Chain two and turn. Repeat the pattern on the left wrist edge.

Step 6

Join the back of the sweater to the front at the shoulders. Mark 10 inches down on the back and front from shoulder seams. Pin the sleeves between the markers and sew to form drop shoulders. Sew sleeve and body seams to complete the sweater.


This pattern will yield a woman's size medium. To increase or decrease the size, add or subtract five stitches from the pattern for each size alteration.


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