How to Remove Pilling From Clothing

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Use a razor to shave off pilling and reveal a smooth surface underneath.
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When you find an item of clothing that suits your style to a tee, it's easy to find excuses to throw it on weekly -- or even daily. Before you know it, clothes start to show their age and the first sign is often pilling. Cotton blends and fleece pill -- or ball up -- along areas that face friction when worn. Look to your grooming cabinet to banish pilling and wear your favorite clothing with confidence again.


Things You'll Need

  • Disposable razor

  • Tape

Step 1

Spread the item of clothing out on a flat surface with the pilled area facing up.

Step 2

Position a clean disposable razor underneath the pilling. Use one hand to hold the fabric flat, and gently pull the razor up over the pilling with the other hand. Repeat until all of the pilling has gathered into a pile.

Step 3

Wrap a piece of tape around the fingers of one hand, excluding your thumb. Keep the sticky side up and secure the tape to itself to form a circle around your fingers. Use a lightweight clear tape or masking tape.


Step 4

Pat the tape onto the pilling that has gathered until it is removed from the garment and attached to the tape instead. Use all sides of the tape if necessary.


Hold the fabric taut as you shave it and keep your grip gentle to prevent the razor from cutting the clothing.