How to Knit a Spider Web

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Mimic a spider web by knitting irregularly in gauzy yarns like mohair

The intricate design of a spiderweb can be mimicked knitting by doing a simple honeycomb lace stitch with a thin thread on large needles. This allows larger gaps to form when knitting, creating the appearance of a spiderweb. Spiderweb knitting has also been popularized by the high-end fashion designers Rodarte, who use idiosyncrasies in stitching patterns to create spooky designs in tights, sweaters, skirts and dresses. Creating a knit spiderweb is dependent on your creativity, as variations in the knitting pattern make your web more unique.


Step 1

Cast on 40 stitches, then purl the first row.

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Step 2

Begin the second row by knitting one stitch, then doing a yarn over on the second stitch. Slip the third and fourth stitch, then knit the fifth and sixth stitch together. Repeat this across the row from the slip stitch to the stitch-together.

Step 3

Purl the third row, then repeat the directions for the second row. Repeat these two row types for three to four rows, ending with an even numbered row.

Step 4

Purl one and then add five stitches. Purl across the row until you are one stitch from the end. Add five stitches then purl the final stitch.


Step 5

Continuing working the honeycomb lace pattern, adding stitches as needed to maintain the visual size and shape of your spiderweb. Occasionally drop stitches and yarn over to create larger gaps in your spiderweb as you desire. Switch yarn sizes and colors to create more irregularities.

Step 6

Purl the last row when you have created a spiderweb of the size you require, then cast off. Cut the yarn end and weave it into your completed spiderweb.

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