How to Crochet a Mouth

The finishing touches of a crochet doll can make or break the overall appearance. Most people who make amigurumi or crochet dolls opt to use embroidery fabric or felt to create the finishing touches on the face. However, using crochet techniques to create a mouth adds dimension and depth to the face. If you want to create a crochet mouth for your doll or animal, there a few different options available.

Things You'll Need

  • G hook or smaller

  • Yarn needle

  • Worsted weight yarn

  • Scissors

Basic mouth

Step 1

Chain 10 stitches with your hook and yarn. If you use black yarn, this creates the easiest type of mouth.

Step 2

Turn the row and single-crochet 10 more stitches to widen the mouth. Make the mouth as thin or as wide as you wish. Finish off.

Step 3

Use the yarn needle to attach the mouth to the mouth to the face of your doll. Place the edges higher for a smile or lower for a grim expression. Sew through the center of the loops of the stitches to attach the mouth.

Advanced Mouth

Step 1

Chain 10 stitches. Adjust the length depending on the size of your doll.

Step 2

Turn the row. Single-crochet eight stitches, reducing the length by two stitches.

Step 3

Turn again. Single-crochet six stitches, reducing the length by two stitches. This creates the bottom "lip" of the mouth. Finish off.

Step 4

Join in at the row with 10 stitches. In the second stitch and third stitch, double-crochet two times. In the fourth stitch, make one single-crochet. Make a slip-stitch in the fifth stitch and repeat the process. This creates the top lip of the mouth. Finish off.

Step 5

Use the yarn needle to attach to the lips to the doll.