How to Add Vinegar to Your Wash to Prevent Your Clothes From Fading

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Vinegar is more than just a food item.

Vinegar is a handy item to have in your home. Aside from its uses in the kitchen, It also cleans, deodorizes, removes stains and helps keep brightly colored clothes from fading. Fading is still likely to occur over time as you wear and launder your clothes. However, you can minimize the fading and help your clothes last longer by utilizing vinegar in the laundry room every time you wash your brightly colored clothes.


Step 1

Launder the clothes as normal in your washing machine, following the washing instructions on the care label.

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Step 2

Check on the washer often and wait for it to it start the rinse cycle. The first time you do it, time how long this takes so that you can set a timer the next time.

Step 3

Open the lid of the washer when it begins the rinse cycle. Pour 1/2 to 1 cup of white vinegar evenly around your clothes. This step also helps get rid of any remaining soap residue.

Step 4

Close the lid and let the clothes finish washing. Dry as normal.


To save money, buy vinegar in a large jug rather than in smaller bottles.

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