How to Make a Toy Into a Keychain

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Things You'll Need

  • Rotary drill

  • Small drill bit

  • 20-gauge craft wire

  • Wire cutters

  • 1/2-inch diameter dowel

  • Round nose pliers

  • Keychain

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Scissors

  • Jump ring

  • Glue-on ball, optional

  • Epoxy adhesive, optional

Add a toy to a keyring to create a distinctive keychain.

Are you one of those people who feels as if you're constantly looking for your keys? Create a keychain you're not likely to miss. Keychains with toys attached are typically more visible so you're apt to see them in your oversized purse or spot them quickly in the place you put them when you got home from your last trip. With the help of the right supplies and a few tweaks, you can make almost any small toy into a keychain. Utilize one technique to make plastic, glass, wood and metal toys into keychains and use a separate technique to make a keychain from a fabric toy. Once you get the hang of it, you can make multiple keychains to give away as memorable gifts. Your recipients will undoubtedly get a kick out of receiving a keychain that features their favorite childhood toy.


Non-Fabric Toys

Step 1

Drill a small hole through the top of a metal, plastic, glass, clay or wood toy with a rotary drill you've equipped with a drill bit specifically made to work with the material the toy is made from. For example, use a ceramic or diamond drill bit to drill through glass or clay toys.


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Step 2

Cut a 1-inch length of 20-gauge craft wire. Wrap the wire in a circle around a 1/2-inch diameter dowel. Slip the wire ring from the dowel. If the toy is thicker than 1/2-inch, cut a longer strand of wire and wrap it around a thicker dowel to make a larger ring.

Step 3

Open the wire ring where the ends meet by pushing forward on one side of the split and pulling back on the opposite side of the split. Make an opening large enough to fit the toy as you slide the wire through the drilled hole.


Step 4

Slide the drilled hole in the top of the toy over one end of the open wire ring. Work the wire through the hole until the toy is hanging on the wire. At this point, continue to keep the wire ring open.

Step 5

Slide one end of the wire ring through a link in the chain of a key ring. Craft stores sell key rings with chains attached or you can add the toy to an existing keychain. Close the ring and secure the split by squeezing both ends together with a pair of round nose pliers.


Fabric Toys

Step 1

Thread a needle with 16 inches of thread that matches the fabric on the toy. Bring the thread ends together and tie a knot. Tie another knot on top of the first one.

Step 2

Insert the needle through the top of the toy and pull the thread through the fabric until the knot stops it from going any further. Hold a jump ring against the top of the toy, directly on top of the area where the thread is inserted.


Step 3

Pass the needle around the jump ring and back through the toy. Follow this process until the jump ring is stitched securely to the toy. Knot the ends of the thread together and cut off the excess.

Step 4

Open the jump ring and slide it onto the keychain. Close the ring.


To attach plastic, glass, wood or metal toys to a keychain without drilling a hole, secure a glue-on bail at the top of the back of the toy with one-part epoxy adhesive. Wait 24 hours before adding the bail to the keychain by using a jump ring.

Attach several toys to a keychain by skipping links in the chain between each toy. Attach the wire ring or bail to opposite sides of each link so that the toys are staggered along both sides of the chain.


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