How to Make a Life Size Cardboard Castle

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Things You'll Need

  • Appliance and produce boxes

  • Utility knife

  • Packing tape

  • Spray paint

  • Chain, rope or yarn

Copy the style of a rectangular castle keep with cardboard for a life size project.

A princess belongs in a castle that is fit for her royal highness. Create a life-size castle using cardboard sections and boxes for a birthday party, playhouse, story hour display or decorative prop. Make a trip to an appliance dealer, mall or grocer to ask for recyclable shipping boxes. The tall cardboard refrigerator cartons are sturdy components in a building project. Choose containers for the turrets and walls of the castle that will accommodate the height of children or adults.


Step 1

Draw an exterior and floor plan for the life size castle onto a piece of paper. Determine the width, length and height of the project and write the information onto the plan. This will help you to estimate how many boxes or pieces of cardboard are needed for the size of the project.

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Step 2

Unfold several cardboard boxes. If the seams are hard to pull apart cut the adhesive away with a utility knife. Flatten several boxes out for a floor for the castle. Tape the boxes end to end until the floor measurement matches the size allocated for the space.


Step 3

Draw the wall-top battlement designs on the upper end of the tallest boxes. Cut out the rectangular turret or towers with the utility knife. Break down containers or cut out cardboard panels from boxes and mailers for the walls.

Step 4

Tape the boxes and cardboard panel pieces together with heavy duty packing tape to create the walls and turrets of the castle. Carefully place the castle on top of the cardboard floor and tape them together for added support.


Step 5

Paint the castle walls with gray, black, red and brown spray paint to create the visual effect of brick, stone or granite blocks. Complete this part of the project in a well ventilated area.

Step 6

Sketch and cut out window and door openings. Cut a front cardboard panel to create a draw bridge. Glue lengths of fine chain, soft rope or yarn to either side of the drawbridge door.


Make a pennant flag from a dowel rod and felt for the top of the castle.


If using the castle for a birthday party playhouse use a paper chain for the drawbridge chains to prevent possible injury to children.


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