How to Make a Papier-Mache High Heeled Shoe

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Things You'll Need

  • Flour

  • Water

  • Stirring stick

  • Paper strips

  • Old high heel shoe

  • Tinfoil

  • Craft knife or box cutter

  • Paint

  • Paintbrush

Select a solid high heel, or pump style, for this project.

Creating papier-mache high heels can be the beginning of a room's decor or the finishing touches. The process of papier-mache is often used to create children's crafts or party pinatas. While simple in theory, some shapes and items may pose a problem. The traditional use of chicken wire or cardboard shaping will not work for the creation of a high heel shoe. For this project,extra work and time are needed.


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Step 1

Mix equal parts of flour and water and stir well. Stir until the lumps dissipate.

Step 2

Place an old high heel shoe on a clean work surface covered with tinfoil. The tinfoil will protect the surface.


Step 3

Dip torn strips of paper into the flour and water mixture and place on the shoe. Wrap the heel completely. Cover the top, inner sides, inside, outside and bottom of the shoe. Overlap the wet strips on the shoe. Paste at least two layers over the entire shoe.

Step 4

Dry the project for at least 12 hours. It should feel hard to the touch.


Step 5

Cut the papier-mache shoe in half, using a craft knife or box cutter to cut the papier-mache directly down the middle of the shoe. It should come apart in two halves. Be especially careful on the heel. The shoe may need to be cut as well to remove.

Step 6

Mix another batch of flour and water and put the papier-mache shoe back together. Use strips of dipped paper to go across the cuts. Wrap the heel several times. Add at least two more layers of papier-mache to the project to ensure it holds together. Allow to dry for 12 to 24 hours or until dry and hard.

Step 7

Paint the project. Use craft paint to cover the paper and finish the project.


Use a pump-style shoe for the first attempt. After successful completion, try other styles.


The shoe used for the project will be ruined. Use a shoe that is no longer in use or has been discarded.