How to Loom Knit Adult Socks

Loom knit socks are based on the round peg loom's ability to produce a tube of knitting. Some adjustment is required to make a heel. Most adult sized socks can be knit on a 24 peg round loom. Yarn has a natural elasticity that helps make the socks "one size fits all." Clean out your yarn scraps for wild and crazy socks, or take advantage of the broad variety of modern craft yarns to design something special.

Loom knit socks provide unique design opportunities.

Things You'll Need

  • Worsted yarn

  • 24 peg round knitting loom

  • Loom tool

  • Scissors

  • Yarn needle

  • Crochet hook

  • Yarn needle

Step 1

Cast on using e-loops on each of the 24 pegs. E-loops are formed by wrapping the yarn from the inside of the pegs and once around making a letter "e" shape. Work clockwise or counter clockwise, but pick a direction and stick with it. Knit the stitches by picking up the bottom e-loop and pulling it over the top e-loop and the top of the peg. Make two rows of e-loops and then begin knitting. Continue to cast on and knit until the knit fabric reaches from 1/2 inch beyond the wearer's toes to the instep.

Step 2

Form the heel bottom once the knitted tube is long enough for the toe of the sock. E-wrap 12 pegs, beginning with the starter peg. Knit two rows (once over, once back) on these 12 pegs. Then begin to decrease to form the heel tap. Decrease by knitting a stitch, knitting the next stitch, lifting the first stitch from its peg to the next one and lifting the bottom stitch over the top one. Decrease by one peg per row of knitting until there are three bare pegs on either side of six pegs of knitting. Knit two additional rows of knitting.

Step 3

Increase back over the three bare pegs on either side of the heel bottom back to form the heel flap at the back of the foot. E-wrap one extra peg at the beginning of each row of knitting until all 12 pegs are once more in use. Knit two more rows across the 12 pegs.

Step 4

Make e-loops on all 24 pegs. Knit two rows to begin forming the leg part of the sock. On the third row, begin making a rib stitch -- knit one, purl one. Purl stitches are made by reaching behind the top loop on the peg and pulling the bottom loop up on the inside. Take both loops off the peg and slip loop you pulled up inside the top loop back onto the peg.

Step 5

Make four inches of ribbing. Bind off using a crochet hook. Thread a yarn needle with matching yarn and stitch up the side gussets in the heel. Turn the sock inside out, thread a yarn through the end loops of the toe, pull the yarn tight and tie off. Work the ends back through the knitting. Repeat all steps to make a second sock.


Write down measurements, numbers of rows or any changes made to the pattern while making the first sock so that the second sock will match.