How to Create an Old Lady Costume With Sagging Boobs

An old lady costume with sagging boobs is definitely one for the adults, and is particularly entertaining when worn by a man. Decide whether to hide the boobs under some old "granny-style" clothing, or let it all hang out and have them dangling down from under a crop top. Either way, this costume is sure to raise some laughs ... and some eyebrows.

Things You'll Need

  • Skirt and blouse or dress

  • Thick pantyhose

  • Birdseed, Styrofoam filling or batting

  • Air-dry modeling clay

  • Pink acrylic craft paint

  • Stick-on hook-and-loop fastener

  • Cardigan or shawl

  • Thick, baggy pantyhose

  • Large, black purse

  • Old-fashioned hat

  • Glasses

  • Gray or white wig

  • Walking stick

  • Crop top (optional)

  • Shorts (optional)

  • White socks and sneakers (optional)

  • Tray of shot glasses (optional)

Step 1

Make the fake boobs by filling the toe ends of a pair of thick pantyhose with birdseed, Styrofoam filling or batting. Make them as oversized and droopy as possible. Make nipples from air-dry modeling clay. Paint the nipples pink with acrylic craft paint and attach them in place with stick-on hook-and-loop fastener. Place them around your neck so they hang in position. Use bra straps to help hold them in place, but have them hanging outside the bra.

Step 2

Wear a baggy old-fashioned dress, or a blouse and skirt. Add a loose cardigan or shawl over the top. Use a belt to cinch in the waist and accentuate the boobs.

Step 3

Wear thick, wrinkled pantyhose and sensible granny-style shoes. Buy a white or gray wig from a costume store, and top it off with an old-fashioned hat.

Step 4

Accessorize with glasses and a string of pearl beads. Carry a walking stick and a large black purse. Walk with a bent-over stoop.

Step 5

As an alternative if you are feeling daring, dress as an over-the-hill sexy waitress. Wear a crop top and shorts with your sagging boobs dangling down below the crop top. Add the wig and glasses. Wear white socks and sneakers and carry a tray of shot glasses.

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