How to Add Soft Close to Existing Cabinets

Things You'll Need

  • Electric drill

  • 3/32 drill bit

Soft Close cabinets are cabinet doors with a hinge that makes the door close slowly instead of slamming shut. These hinges can prevent damage to your cabinets and cabinet doors as well as minimize the noise in your kitchen. You can convert your existing cabinet doors to soft close without having to remove them from the cabinetry. The Soft Close hinges require only an electric drill for installation.

Step 1

Open the cabinet door. Hold the Soft Close attachment up to the top corner of the cabinet door so the flat edge sits behind the edge of the cabinet and the knob juts out just beyond the edge.

Step 2

Drill a starter hole with a 3/32-inch drill bit attached to the electric drill. Put the bit through the screw hole as you hold the Soft Close attachment in place. Make the starter hole 1/4-inch deep.

Step 3

Place the mounting screw into the starter hole. Use the drill to screw the mounting screw into place.

Step 4

Close the cabinet door to make sure the Soft Close attachment works. Turn the screw on the back of the attachment to the left one-half turn if the door will not close completely.