How to Get Static Out of Chiffon

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Chiffon is available in many colors and is useful for special occasion outfits.

Chiffon is a sheer, delicate-looking fabric. It is useful in making prom, special occasion and wedding dresses. The fabric often is seen in head scarves and other accessories that require a sheer, lightweight feel. Because of its delicate texture, static cling in chiffon is quite troublesome. The static cling is caused by a lack of moisture in the air. Clingy clothes often are more bothersome in the winter due to a reduction of humidity in the air caused by indoor heating.


Things You'll Need

  • Wire clothes hanger

  • Moisturizing lotion

  • Fabric softener sheet (optional)

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Step 1

Place a wire coat hanger between the chiffon dress or other garment and your body, and slide it around. This decreases the electric charge and allows the fabric to drape appropriately.

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Step 2

Stick your hands underneath a running faucet. Dampen them and then rub your hands on the underside of the chiffon fabric. This adds moisture, thus eliminating the static cling. If you are attempting to sew a garment of chiffon, dampening the fabric in this way helps it to stop clinging.


Step 3

Squirt a small amount of moisturizing hand or body lotion in the palms of your hands. Rub them together and spread the lotion on your body before putting on the chiffon ensemble. This prevents the fabric from clinging to you in an unattractive manner due to dry skin.


Tuck a fabric softener sheet in your purse and wipe it over the chiffon or your skin underneath to reduce the static cling.



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