How to Make a Poultice to Remove a Stain From Marble

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Things You'll Need

  • Bowl

  • Baking soda or talc

  • Water

  • Hydrogen peroxide

  • Rust remover

  • Ammonia

  • Spoon

Marble is an expensive and elegant material used for countertops, flooring, and many other surfaces around the home. However, this porous stone can be damaged quickly by use of the wrong cleaning items, so sometimes you may need to use a poultice to pull out stains without damaging or discoloring the marble. A poultice is made by mixing powdered ingredients with a liquid to form a paste the consistency of peanut butter.


Step 1

Mix your poultice. One pound of powdered ingredient will cover about one square foot of marble, so portion accordingly. Use baking soda or talc for your powder base. Baking soda works especially well for food and oil-based stains.

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Step 2

Stir water or 12-percent hydrogen peroxide into the powder until it forms a thick paste. Use water for food spills, or use peroxide for organic stains other than food. Stir in rust remover to remove rust, or add ammonia to get rid of copper stains.

Step 3

Spread a half-inch layer of the poultice over the stain, and let it sit until it is completely dry. A large poultice may take a day or two to dry entirely.

Step 4

Wipe off the dried poultice with a wet rag.

Step 5

Polish the marble with a clean, dry cloth. Repeat the poultice application if any stain remains on the marble.


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