How to Make a Floating Floral Pomander

Things You'll Need

  • Floral foam ball

  • 50 fresh cut and fully bloomed flowers or 50 artificial flowers, for a 20-cm. ball

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

Floral pomanders, also known as kissing balls, are an easy, inexpensive way to spruce up your living space. Pomanders can be made with fresh or fake flowers, and are extremely versatile. They can be made to sit, hang or float, and are great as table centerpieces, hanging wedding decorations, or in pools for outdoor parties. With the exception of adding a hanging mechanism to make a pomander hang, the process for constructing a floral pomander is the same regardless of the purpose it's intended to serve.

Step 1

Soak the foam ball. Submerge the ball briefly in water.

Step 2

Cut the stems at an angle to about 3 cm.

Step 3

Push the first flower as far as it will go into the foam ball. Start at the top of the ball.

Step 4

Push the rest of the flowers in one by one. Work your way around the ball. Do not leave spaces or overlap. Add flowers until there are no more open spaces.

Step 5

Finish the project by setting the ball on a table, in a pool, or attaching a colorful string (directly to the foam ball, using hot glue) for hanging.