How to Cure a Slanted Ceiling in a Feng Shui Bedroom

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Stay away from the lower end of a sloped ceiling for positive energy.
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Energy -- it flows through your body, and it flows through your environment. For thousands of years, feng shui masters have studied the life force energy known as "chi" and advised as to how to positively balance it in your life. Feng shui for the bedroom includes suggestions for the placement of furnishings and how to cure structural faults such as beams and sloped ceilings to eliminate imbalance and allow the positive flow of energy.


Mental Issues from Sloped Ceilings

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According to feng shui principles, sleeping under a sloped ceiling can cause mental unbalance. Sleep is meant to restore energy, but if the lower end of the slope is directly above your head, it pushes energy downward and suppresses body rejuvenation and thought. Emotional instability and lack of energy are also results of sleeping under a sloped ceiling. Disrupted sleep can result from sleeping under a slope.

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Furniture Placement

Place your bed so that your head is under the highest part of the slope. Often that isn't possible since, architecturally, the peak is in the center of the room. But creative placement of the bed frees the energy to move upward, adding to the positive energy you feel by providing an uplifting feeling. Don't place the bed in a direct line from the foot of the bed to the door; this is an inauspicious death position that further diminishes the positive energy of chi.


Physical Fixes

Draping fabric, such as a parachute, across the ceiling, obliterating the slope, allows energy to flow swiftly and positively. It levels the ceiling, eliminating the oppressiveness of the sloped ceiling pushing downward. If you have no choice but to put your bed under the lower end of the slope, consider crowning the bed with a canopy, which also creates a protective ceiling for your chi.


Lifting the Energy

Decorate a wall near the lower end of the slope with a series of pictures hung in a pyramid shape to encourage the chi to move upward. Counter the cramped effects of a sloped ceiling with light, allowing natural light to lift the energy. Add enough artificial light to diminish the negative chi.


Paint to Enhance Chi

Choose a light color, such as the glow of marigold or the warmth of palest pink, and paint the entire room the same color. Avoid strong colors unless you wish to create passionate energy; instead, opt for peace and tranquility through color. Painting a mural of puffy clouds and a tranquil sky may produce positive chi when used with a sloped ceiling.


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