How to Make a Diary for a Project

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Even one of those old-school composition books can be used for project diaries.

Keeping a diary or journal is not just for your personal life, it also can be helpful in the office. A project diary keeps track of an assignment from start to finish. This will give you something to look back on and learn from for future projects that may be similar.


Step 1

Label your project diary. Include the name of the project you are starting, when it will be started and the expected completion date.

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Step 2

Introduce your project in the project diary. Describe what the project is, why you are completing it and when you expect to have it completed.

Step 3

Create a schedule of milestones. This is a list of goals you wish to complete and a time frame for each during the project. Planning your schedule gives you goals to hit instead of just having one final completion date.

Step 4

Record information about who is working on the project and what each individual's duties are during the project. This will define their roles and provide clarity for accountability to everyone participating or reviewing your project diary.


Step 5

Update your progress on a regular basis in your project journal. Determine how often you will provide updates. Include a written update as well as photographs of the completion of the project if you are working on a physical object.

Step 6

Summarize the project at the end. Indicate when the project was completed and reflect back on the success or failures along the way. Once again, include a photograph if possible.


Share your project diary with your coworkers. This will help them in completing tasks that are the same or similar to yours. They can learn from your successes and avoid issues that resulted in complications during the project.


Write in complete sentences instead of just short notes. Remember that you will not be the only one reading the project diary.



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