How to Make Animals Out of Candy

If you're looking for something different to do on a rainy day, consider making candy animals. It's easy enough for kids to do. It can be used as a preschool, summer camp or home school activity. You can also decorate birthday cakes with candy animals or give them away as party favors. With a bag of gumdrops and several toothpicks, anyone can make some creative designs. The best part is eating them when you're done.

Colorful gumdrops can be used to create animal sculptures.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 box toothpicks

  • 1 bag gumdrops

  • Kitchen knife

  • 1 bag licorice

  • Pastry bag of frosting

Step 1

Cut several gumdrops in half, from top to bottom. Any kitchen knife will accomplish this task.

Step 2

Slide the halved gumdrops onto a toothpick until the toothpick is full. Repeat this process with three other toothpicks. These four toothpicks will be the legs of the animal.

Step 3

Fill one toothpick up with whole sized gumdrops to make the body of the animal.

Step 4

Stick the legs of the animal into the body. Put two legs on one side and two legs on the other side. Prop up the body using the legs.

Step 5

Check to make sure that the ends of the toothpicks are piercing the gumdrops on the body. This will help hold the animal in its proper stance. A bit of water where the toothpick pierces the gumdrop will make the candy sticky and can give it better hold as well.

Step 6

Break a toothpick in half. This will be the neck of the animal. Slide a few halved gumdrops onto this halved toothpick. Slide one whole gumdrop on top to represent the head of the animal.

Step 7

Add a licorice tail by dabbing a bit of frosting to attach the tail to the body of the animal. According to Disney's "Family Fun" website, adding a bit of frosting acts as glue on your candy creations. Add eyes, ears and hair with frosting. Strips can create a zebra, spots can create cows. Be creative and see what you can come up with.