How to Make Animals Out of Candy

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 box toothpicks

  • 1 bag gumdrops

  • Kitchen knife

  • 1 bag licorice

  • Pastry bag of frosting

Colorful gumdrops can be used to create animal sculptures.

If you're looking for something different to do on a rainy day, consider making candy animals. It's easy enough for kids to do. It can be used as a preschool, summer camp or home school activity. You can also decorate birthday cakes with candy animals or give them away as party favors. With a bag of gumdrops and several toothpicks, anyone can make some creative designs. The best part is eating them when you're done.


Step 1

Cut several gumdrops in half, from top to bottom. Any kitchen knife will accomplish this task.

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Step 2

Slide the halved gumdrops onto a toothpick until the toothpick is full. Repeat this process with three other toothpicks. These four toothpicks will be the legs of the animal.

Step 3

Fill one toothpick up with whole sized gumdrops to make the body of the animal.

Step 4

Stick the legs of the animal into the body. Put two legs on one side and two legs on the other side. Prop up the body using the legs.


Step 5

Check to make sure that the ends of the toothpicks are piercing the gumdrops on the body. This will help hold the animal in its proper stance. A bit of water where the toothpick pierces the gumdrop will make the candy sticky and can give it better hold as well.

Step 6

Break a toothpick in half. This will be the neck of the animal. Slide a few halved gumdrops onto this halved toothpick. Slide one whole gumdrop on top to represent the head of the animal.


Step 7

Add a licorice tail by dabbing a bit of frosting to attach the tail to the body of the animal. According to Disney's "Family Fun" website, adding a bit of frosting acts as glue on your candy creations. Add eyes, ears and hair with frosting. Strips can create a zebra, spots can create cows. Be creative and see what you can come up with.


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