How to Fix a T-shirt That You Already Cut

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Things You'll Need

  • Needle

  • Tread

  • Fabric

  • Scissors

T-shirts can be pretty, even when they are cut.

Cutting T-shirts can be a very creative activity. However, there are times when creators accidentally cut too much or make a cut in the wrong location. There are three things that can correct this mistake: sew the cut back together, apply a patch, or make other cuts to match.


Step 1

Sew the cut. Using a needle and tread, the cut can be sown from the inside. This makes the shirt look like it has a small crease. There are magic stitching items for individuals who do not know how to sew. These can be used by applying the stitching, and ironing it onto the clothing.

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Step 2

Apply a patch. A patch can be the same color as the fabric. The T-shirt can be cut in a square or rectangular shape to fit the patch. The patch is then stitched over the T-shirt. Consider matching patches in more than one place for a cohesive look.


Step 3

Cut multiple areas to match. The cut may just be a fashion statement. Making the T-shirt look like the cut was meant to be that way may prove to be a genius fix. Place similar cuts over the shirt.


Match thread to the T-shirt color.


Placing too many cut on a shirt makes it look cluttered.



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