How to Thread a Euro Pro Deluxe Denim Sewing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Euro Pro Deluxe Denim sewing machine

  • Spool of thread

Denim is a thick material many needles cannot penetrate.

The Euro Pro Deluxe Denim sewing machine was created to sew through multiple layers of denim or the thinnest silk with the same ease without changing the needle or thread. This machine has a technological advancement many Euro Pros did not employ in the past: the LCD display screen. Even with the advancements in the stronger models, threading the machine is still just as simple and easily done as any other model.


Step 1

Turn the wheel on the right side of the machine toward you, raising the needle to the highest position.

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Step 2

Lift the spool pin to the highest position. Place the spool of thread on the pin. Place the spool back into the horizontal position, and place the spool cap on the end.

Step 3

Run the thread through the small guidepost on the top of the machine and the guidepost on the top of the thin opening on the front of the machine.

Step 4

Pull the thread down through the thin opening toward the tension discs. Set the thread through the tension discs and set the tension dial to 2.


Step 5

Pull the thread up through the hook of the take-up lever.

Step 6

Bring the thread down to the guidepost on the front of the needle shaft. Thread the needle from the front, and pull the excess thread between the bars on the presser foot.

Step 7

Pull the excess thread out to the back of the machine.


The Euro Pro Deluxe Denim sewing machine has an automatic needle threading feature. Read the instruction manual to learn how to use this feature.


Always unplug the machine while threading the needle to ensure no accidental injuries occur.


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