Removing Sanitas Wallpaper

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Removing Sanitas Wallpaper


Sanitas is the name of a wallpaper manufacturer that creates mostly vinyl wallpaper. Removing vinyl wallpaper takes a bit more time than other wallpapers, because standard liquid wallpaper remover does not work on vinyl. It does, however, work on the backing paper.

Therefore, the first step in removing Sanitas wallpaper is to remove the vinyl. To do this, use a joint knife. Carefully pry at the edge of the wallpaper and see if you can lift it off. If the wallpaper is thick, high-quality vinyl, you may be able to peel it completely off, leaving only the paste still on the wall. Don't forget to cover the floor if you want to protect it and make cleanup easier!

Backing paper

Most vinyl wallpapers are thin, however. Most likely, as you peel off the vinyl, it will come off in uneven strips leaving a paper backing behind. Don't worry about that at first. Simply work until you have removed all of the vinyl. Use the joint knife to scrape away every last piece of vinyl.

Next, soak the backing paper with a liquid wallpaper stripper, such as "Fast Wallpaper Stripper" from Savogran. Wear rubber gloves and apply the stripper with a sponge or a compression sprayer. Because wallpaper backing paper is very porous, you will not have to score the paper. Simple soak it as thoroughly as possible. You will probably have to soak it two or three times, waiting five minutes between each time. The backing paper is ready to be removed when you can lift a corner of it easily with your joint knife. If it is not coming up easily, use the solution again. Use the joint knife to peel and scrape the backing paper off.


Once the backing paper has been removed, you will need to scrub off any paste remaining. Use a stiff scrub brush to do this. First, spray the paste with the remover solution. Again, you may need to do this several times before it is softened. Then, use warm water and the scrub brush, working in a circular motion, to remove the paste. Wipe away the paste with a clean rag so you are not spreading it around with the scrub brush.