Installing Bifold Doors Over Carpet

Installing Bifold Doors Over Carpet

Installing the Top Track

Bifold doors are wonderful for closets, pantries and laundry areas because they give you full access to the contents all at the same time. Sliding doors only let you see half of what is in there at one time. Installing bifold doors is not difficult and it should only take about an hour of your time. The top track of the kit should be centered on the header of the closet. Holding the track in place, a mark can be made with a pencil where the screws will be installed. Then using a size smaller bit than the screws, pilot holes can be made into the header. This will make it much easier to screw in the track while trying to hold it into place. Once the track is screwed into place, slide the pivot brackets ¼ inch from the frame.

Installing the Bottom Pivot Brackets

A plumb bob can be used to show where the bottom pivot brackets will need to be mounted. From the top pivot bracket the plumb bob is hung to find the center of the bottom bracket over a wood pad. Use a piece of wood that is the same height at the carpet. Cut out the carpet and padding with a utility knife to fit the block of wood that is slightly larger than the bracket. The wood should be installed centered against the door frame on each side. Screw the wood into the subfloor and then install the bottom pivot bracket on top of it.

Hanging the Doors

The guide pins should be inserted into the holes at the top of the doors. They will need to be gently tapped into the holes to get them all the way in. Be careful not to damage the pins. Then the adjustable pivots can be inserted and tapped into the holes at the bottom of the doors. The doors can then be folded in half and lifted into position by inserting the top pin into the top bracket and then the bottom pivots into their brackets. The bottom pivot can be moved until it is 1/4 inch away from the frame to give the door room to open and close. It can also be adjusted for height to get the correct alignment of the doors. On the back of the doors, alignment brackets are installed 18 inches from the floor. They interlock each other and keep the doors aligned when they are closed. Lastly, the doorknobs can be installed. The screws are inserted from the back and the doorknobs are just screwed onto them in the front.