How Does a Remote Control Blind System Work?

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How Does a Remote Control Blind System Work?

Battery-Operated Blinds

Longer-lasting battery

Remote-controlled blinds operate on batteries. The blinds have a receiver made of a motorized tubular design located at the top panel or head rail of the blinds. Pointing the remote control to the infrared sensor of the receiver will operate the window blinds. You can move the blind up and down and close and open the blinds using the control buttons. Some remotes can use regular double A (AA) or triple A (AAA) batteries; however, the receiver may use a long-lasting battery such as a D battery. It is better to use a longer-lasting battery on the receiver so that you do not have to replace the battery often, especially if the height of the blinds is too high. You might pay more up front; however, you save money in the long run by fewer battery changes.


Remote Control Operation

Remote control

The blind operates via remote control by pointing the transmitter portion of the remote, usually at the front, toward the direction of the top of the blinds. The remote control can reach up to a maximum of 40 to 50 feet of distance. You can press the control to open and close the slats and move it them different angles to control the lights. You can also control the blinds by rolling them up or down. Some remote controls can handle up to five blinds at the same time, especially if the blinds are on the same row or columns in the same room. It is advisable to get a separate remote control for each room. It also helps prevent misplacing the remote.


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Advantages of Using Remote-Controlled Blinds

Remote-controlled blinds are useful in controlling the amount of light that you want in your home. Higher windows are no longer a problem to cover because of the remote control's ability to do the work without the need to climb tall ladders. In odd areas such as a sunroof located in bathrooms, kitchens and sun rooms, you can use remote-controlled blinds to operate the blinds from a distance.


Types of Remote-Controlled Window Blinds

Standard 2-inch blinds

Remote-controlled window blinds come in regular-sized 2-inch blinds, miniblinds, silhouette and Levolor blinds. You can opt for a multidirectional window blinds. There are even blinds that can split into two sections or that roll in the middle. You can also choose to have vertical or horizontal blinds. There are also certain motorized blinds that are fan-shaped or arched. The odder the window shapes, the more expensive due to the difficulty in creating them and locating the right spot for the control receiver. You can connect the blinds to a sun senor, thermostat or timer to make adjustments more automated.



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